Fantastic Light


Fantastic Light…

Nothing is as it was, not quite,
Now one constant cause, the speed of light,
Allows no clock to chime, with celestial might,
But gives to each his time, and each one right.

And mass to energy contrives, to solar bright,
And turns dead earth alive, when rays alight,
And pulls on space-time’s straight lines, curved in flight,
At Isaac’s shoulder E redefines, in giant aided sight.

And leaves us musing –
…………………………Dimensions beyond three?
Beyond us,
…………beyond me,
And the metre of nature’s umbilical chord I lose
…………….in this time out of joint.

……….Could I suppose?
– (unaccompanied by his teaching beam) –
That nothing is out there, extant, awaiting,
But all in my mind, evolving, gestating,
The future merely my expanding present,
My future, my time, relative, self-meant.

Am I but an imprint in space-time’s shifting sand,
Till that baton called life leaps from my opening hand,
And returns, like energy conserving in mass,
To await in uncertainty, an uncertain rebirth.

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