Grey-back tenements covered in grime,
Red sandstone Victorian marvels of architecture,
Crowded streets a-throng with busy shoppers,
Leafy suburbs quiet and elegant.
The Barrows and Kelvingrove Museum,
Old Gorbels and Kelvinside.
Streets blocked with cars and buses,
Acres of parkland and ponds,
Littered streets and noisy cafes,
Clyde river walks in the open air.
Paddy’s Market and Sauchiehall St.,
Magestic Bingo and the King’s Theatre.
Waste ground filled with parked cars,
Sky scrapers and posh upmarket hotels,
Clubs and pubs and gourmet restaurants,
One-way streets carved up with motorway.
The Highl’d man’s umbrella and George’s Square.
The SSEC and the Royal Opera.
City of contrast never sleeping,
Ying and yang on every side,
Frowns on faces, friendliest place alive,
Drugs and unemployment, energy in its very bowels.
For worse or better
My own “dear green place”.
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