West Kilbride: Old and New

West Kilbride: Old and New

Seven centuries past, through blood and sword,
Boyd received Arnele as Bruce’s reward,
And with fortress strong his shoreline secured
At the spot
where ancient kings had cast off their earthly life.
By here, traitors met with watery graves,
Philip’s galleons sacrificed their braves,
Feud begat feud; and now atop the waves
At Portencross
the castle bears mute witness to past strife.

But now new enemies, yet unallayed –
The dying sea, the rising centigrade
The silent spring, the loss of high street trade –
Haunt the land
and still need the warrior heart to oppose.
So we transition to a better place
By art and craft transform the Main Street’s face
And Don Quijote’s giants take their place
On Busbie Muir
to flail their burnished swords ‘gainst unseen foes.