Limericks – just for fun

There once was a man from Kilwinning
Whose hair was rapidly thinning;
Said his old friend from Bute
Who was bald as a coot,
‘I fear this is just the beginning’.


There was a young lady from Coll
Who was terribly terribly small
She stood on a stool
To go “on the pull”
Then nothing much happened at all.


I know I’m a rather good poet,
And now the world should know it!
If you give the time,
I’ll make anything rhyme..
Why there! I think, I show it!


There was an old man wearing red
Who wore a tall hat on his head
His brother wore black
He was wearing a sack
But today they both wore brown instead


There was a young man from Tiree
Who decided that he was a flea
So he hipped and he hopped
And he flipped and he flopped
Till he landed on top of a tree!


There once was a man from Kilbirnie
Whose aunt won a million on ‘Ernie’,
When the auntie went gaga
The crafty old blagger
Made sure he got power of attorney!


Purple aqua green and blonde
Hues of which we all are fond
But in West Kilbride town
Ashley’s hair: never brown
Strange vibrant colours are donned.


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