Long Ago

Letters and words and rhythm and rhyme

Sometimes I wish I had the time

To spend on reading and writing more

Telling of life in days of yore.

Days of yore were long ago

Ladies in dresses and hats galore

Dancing and stepping around and around

Dainty wee feet hardly touching the ground.

I’d write about walking or riding a horse

Picnics and luncheons or high tea, of course!

Painting or sewing to pass the days

Performing fine music in endless ways.

The life of a lady in days gone by

Is one I only dream of and sigh

Modern times have changed so much lately

Women, not ladies, hurry so hasty.

They haven’t time to sit and ponder

Rushing around going hither and yonder

Women today do not waltz paint or sew

Life is much faster than long ago.


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