Ode tae West Kilbride

Ah huv tae thank yi West Kilbride
For the best night o the year
You folks up there kin shew us all
How tae spread the Christmas cheer.

Yer Yuletide night wiz such a treat
A great wee family do
Yer kindness shewn tae yin an’a’
Wis credit tae yi a’

When ah arrived the place wiz buzzin’
Wi’ folks a’ staunin’ roon
That itself is quite amazing’
For its just a wee sma’ toon.

Everywhere yi’ laid on treats
Wi’ wine an’ real champagne
Ah wish ah hidnae brought ma car
An’ came up on the train.

Ah’ never felt ah’d overstayed
Ma welcome anywhere,
In every shop yi took the time
Tae handle us wi’care.

Ah ken that wiz nae easy feat
So many o’ us stood
An’ yin or twa jis tried it on
An even were quite rude.

Ma wee granddaughter hud a ball
Yi treated her real nice
Yi made her laugh and gave her sweets
Next twice she’s comin’ twice.

The way the world is goin’ noo
Wi’ talk aboot recession
Yur hospitality an’ charm
Wis really quite refreshin’.

So take a bow wee West Kilbride,
Be proud of who yi’ are
I’ll be back next year fur sure
This time without ma car.

Anon 2012

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