Norbeck Castle Hotel, Blackpool, England

Norbeck Castle Hotel, Blackpool, England

On the evening of the 31st Dec. after dinner, my friend won the star raffle prize ; a weekend for two in a Britannia hotel. However when she went up to claim her prize she received nothing, not even a note to confirm she had won, and was told to see the manager the following day. The next morning she went to reception only to be told they knew nothing of the matter, but told her to come back in the afternoon as a manager would be present. This she did, but the female manager didn’t know anything and told her another manager would be in later. When we entered for dinner my friend again approached the female manager but got no further. After dinner all four of us went up to ask that someone in authority who could fix this matter be found. The on duty manager was sent for and finally arrived at our table.
He immediately began to berate my friend for “intimidating his staff” with her constant enquiries, and that this was a huge hotel which needed to be run with military precision, obviously not in this area, and why would she expect them to give her anything about her holiday right away. We were all witnesses to this and couldn’t believe our ears. He would not stop talking to her long enough to hear what she had to say or he would have learnt that she had been put through an entire day of hassle where she was passed from pillar to post because no-one could answer a simple question of how she could claim her prize. I tried to get him to listen and he accused me of intimidating him, nine people at the table could confirm that this was nonsense. I then said to him “you need to shut up long enough to hear , what she has to say”, whereupon he stormed off saying “I’m not putting up with that”. All nine of us were stunned at this total lack of management skills not to mention interpersonal skills from a man who thought he could dominate an elderly female pensioner. All he had to do to solve the problem was to tell her how to claim her prize, and an apology for all she had been put through would not have been amiss. The next day we were leaving early in the morning
and finally when she went to reception they gave her a very simple note, the one she should have received on winning the raffle, stating that the voucher would be sent to her within two weeks of her returning home. Why could she not have been told this and saved all the unpleasantness. The net result is that at least seven people will not be returning to this hotel.



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