On His Death

Tall and blond with eyes of blue
California boy in every way
His heart and soul and love so true
I miss your presence here today.
As time passed on disease took hold
I watched you change from day to day
A tragedy to soon unfold
I saw you change and waste away.
Battered shadow life barely there
A broken man in every way
Yet spirit and soul though full of care
Stilled shone and glowed with fire that day.
I took your hand and held you close
I whispered of my love for you
The man I knew and loved the most
Drift softly away like morning dew.
I knew not fully what was lost
Nor yet the loneliness to come
I cannot measure what it cost
Am left bereft and sorrow numb.
A hope I have in time to come
The man I once did hold so dear
Will once again new time begun
Rejoin with me and banish tear.
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