Winter Fire

Down by the margin

Of the frozen lake

Willows are ablaze,

Kindled by last rays

of a lambent sun.

On frosted branches

Rubies sparkle in

Transient glory

Black billowing clouds

Extinguish the flames

And up among the


A lonely heron

Wings his way across

A distant winter moon.



Sleeping Warrior


I gaze across the stone grey sea

Across to the island where you now lie

I watch in wonder: I wait now to be

The one adoring the sleeping big guy –

The fellow who guards Scotland’s West coast

Lying still on the ridge of Arrans high peak

Protesting the shores and the lands we boast

Are the fairest by far whenever we speak

We owe much to protection silently giv’n

And I watch you now fascinated, in awe

As you lie looking up high toward heaven

I walk on the beach and think of my beau

Who, like you guarded these coasts just for me

And all those folk who live by the sea.


To a Giant Hogweed

Great, handsome,towering,wondrous weed

’twas I who sowed yon shrivelled seed

Infertile ground.

Now I must do a loathesome deed,

The Council found.

You are an alien, dangerous thing,

Your sap and foiliage worse than sting

Of wasp or bee.

But I shall bide till you will fling

Your progeny.


The Council declared war on you

With poisonous, worse than you can brew

Within your veins.

Mere minions fuss with much ado.

My anger flames.

Your parasol so fair and white

Stops many an insect in its flight,

To rest and feed,

Perchance to meet a mate that’s right

To love and breed.

Fecundity’s a mighty power;

For seven years I rued the hour

Your brood did fall.

Compelled to toil with spade and trowel,

I am your thrall.