Oslo Book Festival an article by guest author Blagovesta Buhcheva

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osloBook fairs and book festivals…This does not sounds like a place where you can go shopping and have fun at all, at least for most of us. Have you ever thought how often you visit such events? Once a month, or once a year…may be once in a lifetime… some people even have not set foot on such a place.

For us, who enjoy reading and find books charming, book fairs are like Paradise. Actually, this is the place where you can meet people like you – thirsty for exciting stories, looking for the most favourite’s author novels or just for a classic tome for a present.

I am sure that most of you, have visited a book festival at least once in your lifetime. It probably took place in your home town or you found it by chance, while you were on a holiday somewhere around the globe. But…

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Writing The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy by guest author LK Kelley

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I stumbled into being a book editor in October of 2012 having been asked to edit a book for a friend who is an author in Wisconsin, USA. Even though I live in Arkansas, with today’s technology, of course, one can work anywhere in the world. For the next several months, I LKedited books using my minor in English when in college. I never thought to turn that into something like book editing. For the next several months, I edited until July of 2013. I had been reading books on the paranormal, but most of these were targeting teens. But, I was not satisfied with these, because I began to ask why in the world only teens were given these amazing powers, and why couldn’t an adult be given these powers when they were older. I also wanted more adult situations.

I knew that most adult women loved these situations…

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Happiee Daze,100 Marchmont Road, Marchmont, Edinburgh EH91HR, Scotland

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happiee dazeMy friend, Manigeh Hoyland, has always been an amazing cook. I have never been served a bad meal by her. So, when she decided to set up her cafe, Happiee Daze, in Marchmont Road, Edinburgh, Scotland, I was sure it would be a success. Others expressed skepticism citing the number of other eateries in the vicinity. I had no such worries.

It is now 4 years since she established her business and I was right. She serves soup, home made every morning and her range of hot and cold sandwiches, rolls and panini is as delicious as it is varied.

Happiee Daze offers the opportunity to sit in or take away your choice of meal. The range of coffee (with or without flavoured syrup) is wide. Tea is also served! I enjoyed my latte. The coffee beans are freshly ground and the flavour full and smooth. I had a cheese…

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