New York, New York 3790 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109, USA

Val Penny's Hotel and Restaurant Reviews

ny barOn a recent visit to Las Vegas with my husband and I particularly enjoyed the New York New York Hotel and Casino on S Las Vegas Boulevard. It is set between The Monte Carlo and Excaliber. The ‘Big Apple’ casino hotel is on the Strip and features several towers built to resemble the New York skyline of the 1930s. It creates a really interesting ny, ny outvista and is an exciting place to be. We really enjoyed the ambience of this hotel. There are bars and casinos open 24 hours a day: amenities also include a traditional roller coaster 203 feet above the Strip, live entertainment, as well as more than a dozen bars and nightclubs, a casino with weekend DJs and go-go dancers, and several restaurants.

The rooms are smaller than at some other hotels but it is good value for the money and it is certainly worth staying here at least once. Rooms are sophisticated ny room 2with marble bathrooms…

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