On The Anniversary of The Holocaust

I want to sit in Berlitsplatz
Drink cognac at the cafe
To watch the Linden trees in bloom
The larks sing overhead.
But I don’t sit in Berlitsplatz
Nor drink at that cafe
I watch the guards their long list call
Will mine be there today.
My mother and my father gone
Mere mists across the moon.
My brothers and my sisters
To ashes gone too soon.
Midst ghosts and shadows all around
My weary way I tread
“Work makes you free” the words they said
Now leads us on to death.
And now at length my time is spent
To shower but not refresh
The acrid odour starts to bite
I close my eyes and rest.
And now I sit in Berlisplatz
Drink cognac at the cafe
I see the Linden trees in bloom
The larks…………………..