Finding Time to Write

little rockets

It’s one of those excuses that every writer uses at some point: I don’t have time to write. And the thing is, we all know in our hearts that it’s bullshit.

I recently wrote an article on Writer’s Edit about making the most of your writing time. I didn’t realise that soon enough, I would be taking my own advice and squeezing creativity in wherever I could.

After a few months of free-time-bliss having graduating from university I spent all day every day writing fiction and non-fiction, just using words as much as I could. Then I got offered a full-time writing job in the big smoke.

I knew that finding the time to write stories and poetry would be difficult, and I’d still have the weekends to chill out and get creative. But is that it? Are weekends all I have now?

No. I refuse to be stifled by…

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