Writing The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy by guest author LK Kelley

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I stumbled into being a book editor in October of 2012 having been asked to edit a book for a friend who is an author in Wisconsin, USA. Even though I live in Arkansas, with today’s technology, of course, one can work anywhere in the world. For the next several months, I LKedited books using my minor in English when in college. I never thought to turn that into something like book editing. For the next several months, I edited until July of 2013. I had been reading books on the paranormal, but most of these were targeting teens. But, I was not satisfied with these, because I began to ask why in the world only teens were given these amazing powers, and why couldn’t an adult be given these powers when they were older. I also wanted more adult situations.

I knew that most adult women loved these situations…

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